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Accompanying Executives to better implement their strategy, helping them assert their leadership and obtain the highest performance from various functions within their company.


The effectiveness of any Executive is directly linked to his or her capacity to motivate team members by inspiring and prompting them to adhere to a vision to constantly evolve and improve.

  • Management and Leadership
  • Shared vision
  • Supported change
  • Passionate commitment
  • Full responsibility


It is a prerequisite for a CEO, COO, Head of Division or Department to be fully involved personally in order to boost business.

  • Client knowledge and anticipation of needs
  • Cohesion of the sales force
  • Professionalism in marketing strategies
  • Effectiveness of good credentials
  • Celebration of success and gaining from experience

international secondments

Any move abroad or other change to a new environment requires behavioural adjustments which can be facilitated by professional coaching.

  • Different work practices in various countries
  • Compliance with corporate culture and values
  • Suitability and possible hurdles
  • Identification of sponsors, facilitators and networks
  • Short term career goals and medium term perspective